Lisbon has become a verb for me. “Lisbon me” – it means hug me, be a part of me, be inside me, outside me and around me.

Lisbon cares about you and gives you so much positive energy that sometimes you need to stop and take a breath. Of something else. Just to compare and see – there’s nothing better.

When I found myself in Lisbon, I found myself so happy. I found myself in love. I felt that my inside matched the outside. And I felt that… I had Lisbon. Inside me.

Once I found myself happy in Lisbon and I understood the simple formula of happiness – you should put the inner Lisbon inside the outer Lisbon. And I “lisbonned” that idea, I embraced my inner Lisbon and made things happen.

I’ve got an idea that we all carry cities inside us. And when we feel comfortable and at home in any city in the world, it means that our inner city matches that place. It happened to me in Lisbon 3 years ago.

That’s when I felt that it was my place and I needed to live nowhere else, but here. Since I moved to Lisbon I have met a lot of people from all over the world “lisbonned” like me. Like me, they can’t help but love Lisbon so much that chose it for living.

I will tell you their stories.

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